Monday, April 4, 2011

Tech for all you nintendo fanboys

What do oldschool gaming and nowadays portable harddrives have in common? Nothing, except for the fact they both are electronics... Well actually there is one more thing they do have in common, this NES-HDD... Yes, it may look somewhat unnatural and awkward, after all it's a USB cable popping out of a NES game, but then again, ain't this a great idea...
Imagine taking this baby to a LAN-party to impress your fellow geeks, or just be oldschool and take it with you to work... The possibilities are endless... And there's more!
This webshop has all kind of things like this, GBA-USBstick, ps2-disc-clocks, and other wacky combos... Well that's what I call a way to recycle old games! And what's best is that they take requests, so you can basically order any game as long as it's still on the market...

Here's some more footage:
Cool ain't it? =D