Thursday, April 28, 2011

Join me for a game...

Hey all, today I'm making the promised post about party/cardgames =D
I won't make too many words dirty about it and I'll start right away with the comments, do note that I have tried all these games and that I found them all good...
Here I go ^^

#1 Aye dark overlord

Concept: One person is the dark overlord and he introduces a story to the other players (his minions). For example, the minions had to bring back the pet dragon, but brought a cat instead. Then the minions have to tell the overlord why this happened. If a minion fails to explain or the explanation doesn't make any sense, he gets an evil stare (card), get 3 of those and you're dead; and the game is over.

There is another factor in the game, the story cards with funny pictures and funny names on it. You HAVE to use those to defend yourself, or you can also blame another person with a "pointing" card. Laughs guaranteed!
Personal opinion: I tried this game myself and was a bit sceptical at first, but it turned out to be such great fun! We constantly laughed with each others stories and were screwing each other all the time. It is also great fun to be the overlord because he has NO RULES, he can give stares whenever he wants, and can change the story whenever he wants... Ultimate power
Score: 9/10

#2 Bohnanza

Concept: The goal of this game is to make money by planing beans (cards). This can be done by planting seeds on bean patches first and then harvesting them later. There are several kinds of beans, with the more rare ones being worth more money. Also if you harvest more beans of the same kind at the same time you get more money. You can also buy new bean patches with the coins you earned from harvesting. The trick to this game is that cards can only be played in the order they are drawn, and that you must harvest a field in order to play a new card. There is also a system of trading bean seeds with other players so that you can get the beans you need.
Personal opinion: This game is so good because it involves both strategy as people skills, because you'll have to negotiate about those bean trades. You also need a bit of thinking to know what patch to harvest or what to plant, but in the end everyone picks up the game pretty fast! Also the fact that there are expansion sets to this game is great for continuous fun =D.
Score: 8/10

#3 Lunch money

Concept: This is a pretty dark game. You are supposed to be a kid, or teenager at the school playing grounds and basically you try to knock out each other a soon as possible. This is done by playing several kinds of cards, like attack cards, trap cards, gripping cards,... Other players can defend, retaliate or just take the damage, which also is done by cards. Each player has 5 cards in his hand at all time and these can be used for both the defend or attack. Cards that are used will be refilled at the end of the attacking/defending. Each person has 15 life points and the last one standing is the winner.
Personal opinion: This game is also good, although the images on the cards can be dark/spooky/creepy, they are always accompanied by a fitting text which can be pretty humorous from time to time... Also the sequence of attacking and defending can get pretty crazy with lots of combos that are possible (for example: I hit you/ I retaliate and I use a knife to stab you/ I disarm you and grab you while pummeling you). There's also the fact that in most of the games played there will be bonds created, because you will not survive long without someone helping you. Then again, your own teammate might try to stab you in the back once he sees his chance... Really a great game!

#4 Jungle speed

Concept: This game is played by a number of cards and a wooden totem, which is placed in the middle of the game. Each turn a player turns around a card from his stack, if 2 players have the same image then they need to pick up the totem as fast as possible, the one who loses must add all the cards of the winner to his stack. The first one to lose all his cards wins. There are also special cards, where duels are decided by color, or where everyone needs to pick up the totem... Of course, mistakes are punished and result in more cards... This game is about reaction time and speed.
Personal opinion: I have played this game many times and it never bores me out... It's so exiting every time a person turns around his card and you see your symbol appear... This is great for small parties, and can be played with people from all ages, from kids to elder people (even though reaction times may be different then :p).
And out of honest personal experience, this game is also pretty cool when you include a drinking rule when you lose, awesome for the more adult parties...
Score: 9/10
So, that was it... I've introduced 4 cool games, I hope you like them, and if you maybe are interested in buying one of these, here's some links to amazon, where you can buy the games!

Oh, here's another little extra, worlds best card in every cardgame:

See you next time!


  1. I like the sound of the Lunch Money game lol

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  3. They look pretty cool dude. Keep it up :)

  4. i still think monopoly is better

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  10. I've played games like these. They are too tedious and take too long!

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