Saturday, April 2, 2011


Movie time!
I saw this trailer today and I've decided to share it with you... It's a superhero movie... Ok I can imagine a lot of you going like "not another one" after kick-ass, or superhero movie (which both weren't that good at all...) But this one seems interesting...
For what I can see from the trailer it's about a guy (Rainn Wilson, the guy from... euhm, no idea) who gets dumped by his wife, after which he wants revenge on the guy who "stole" her away from him... You wonder how?
Easy, by becoming a superhero... The crimson bolt, a guy in red pajamas running around with a wrench as superweapon... Oh did I mention Ellen page as his kid sidekick, in a rather tight costume...Not interested? Well the special effects look... well, awful actually, but then again it makes it so hilarious...
I think I've said enough... I'ma try to find this one on amazon, and I might review it later... but for now, here's the trailer:


  1. Hahah that trailer makes it look pretty good

  2. I saw this trailer a few days ago, it looks like a great movie.

  3. ah yeah looks good! thanks for sharing

  4. I want to see this movie! Looks awesome

  5. Nathan Fillion, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page - YES.

    haha im glad he's finally getting a starring role in a movie. really want to see this.