Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some more traveling gadets

Hey people,
Some time ago I wrote a piece about some neat traveling gadgets (The eton scorpion radio and the Mu space MP3-bed)
Now for the people who thought these gadgets were handy, some more techs that will help you on your journeys.
First one to come up is the Spot personal tracker.

It's a device, not larger than a cellphone... So why is it that different from a mobile phone? Well, it uses a worldwide sattelite network, awesome for when you're traveling to places without reach for your phone...
It can upload your exact position to a google maps map, so that you and others can track your journeys, and there is also an emergency button, which sends an sos signal every 5 minutes...
The price is about 120$, but I think when going to places out of phone reach (mountains, rain forests and such), this gadget is superb...
 Second gadget to pass the review is yet another speaker system; the Targus SonicPak.

Yep, this time it's a bag with speakers installed. Ok, I'll admit that this isn't anything new, but by now you should've known I also appreciate the looks of gadgets; and come on, this bag looks sweet...
Plus, another cool thing about this bag is that you can connect your mp3, portable dvd player and even your notebook (for which there is a special compartment) to the speakers. The speakers themselves are well protected against water, dust and they use NXT technology (which means the speaker is ultra flat).It can also be removed very easily when you don't need it, because it's just an extra click-on bag. It works on 4 tripple A batteries (AAA) which will last for about 100 hours...
Interested? Well, you can get yours for about 100$...


  1. After backpacking through other countries, I can say that portable speakers are a great way to start an impromptu party with other friendly travelers. Genius idea to integrate them with a backpack!

  2. Seems decent enough, not sure I'd pay $100 though

  3. the backpack is pretty cool, ive seen another bag kind of like it which used a big solar panel on the back.

  4. A great device to use when your lost deep in the jungles, every explorer/adventurer should get one of those. The backpack is cool, blasting music out of the speakers while walking down the street, funny.

  5. I'll sure be on the look out for these when I go travelling!

  6. That is one sexy ass bag. And $100 really isn't that bad a price for it, if you think about it. True, it's well beyond my budget. But still. I want one =[

  7. oh nice! but i'm afraid i find it annoying if people use speakers on a public place... like the buss. aaarg.

  8. Personal tracker sounds very useful; SonicPac sounds plain annoying. Now instead of playing shitty music from their cellphones people will play it from their backpacks!

  9. I remember when one of my schoolmates had a backpack with a radio in it. We all were like "WOAH".

  10. Great post,
    Ill give you a cheezburger friend.
    Hope everyone supports this blog as well.


  11. I don't think an ipod holder needs that much design put into it, but whatever.