Sunday, April 24, 2011

About the thing we all love...

What up peole? Today's post is about a thing we all love... Nope, it's not cute kittens, or lazy sundays... It ain't food either... Well what is there more that every one of us loves? Blogging of course... 
Well I'm not really going to write about blogging itself... Since I've established a steady number of followers (almost 175!), I 've decided to write a little bit about my favorite followers, who I also follow and whose blogs I really enjoy reading...

You might want to check them out yourself (links to blogs and user profiles are supplied) =D
Here we go:

#1: Mushreviews by Kingmush
Basically this is just another movie review blog... But then again it also isn't... The beauty of this blog lies within the kind of movies it covers, it's not only about the mainstream movies that anyone knows about, but smaller more unknown movies (or at least unknown to me) also get reviewed; also tv shows pass the review... I have already found some "hidden pieces of gold" on that blog myself... The posts are well written, with space for a personal opinion and general info... Definately worth it to check out!

#2: BRB - Going insane by Erika
This is the kind of blog where a crazy (but awesome) girl just does whatever her fans want her to do (well, kind of). How? She asks for challenges and makes a poll from the suggestions, the winning result of that poll is the challenge she will take, and I haven't seen her chicken out yet, even when asked to strip... Aside from the challenges there are also "random" posts, which most of the time are entertaining to read and also interesting... She has a weird sense of humor from times to times, but that's what makes the blog so amazing, there's definitely no way to fake this... To put it short: this blog is da shit...

#3: My minecraft adventures by Minecraftblogger
This guy has a minecraft blog (OBVIOUSLY), but the content on his blog is just so amazingly good, your mouth will fall open every time you enter his blog... There isn't that much of text most of the time, but theres no need for that at all, because you can fill your time just fine by staring at his work going like, how the hell did he make that?! But pictures of his work isn't the only thing on the blog, there's also space for things like update reviews or tutorials... Yep i think this is definitely one of the better minecraft blogs, and that says a lot, because I don't even play the game myself, and yet I keep returning...

#4: Ambored By Ambored
This is a blog which is ideal for when you have some spare time to fill, then again it's also a devil when you have work that needs to be done... The concept is very simple, yet so effective: there are daily posts with links to websites containing games, applications, and any other fun stuff that can kill the extra time need to spend... It's also great for when you need a short and entertaining break... Another thing I like about the blog is it's layout, which also is important IMO...
So if you want to spend your time with great fun, visit this blog :)

#5 Ironchefman by Ironchefman
Cooking, we all love it, right? Well this guy surely does! His regular updates contain several recipes he makes and some opinions and comments with them. I have found myself standing with this blog on my laptop in the kitchen a few times since I started to follow it, and I must say the results aren't bad...
Together with clear steps and nice pictures the ironmanchef will teach you how to make all kinds of food ranging from desserts to indian cuisine... Yes he can do it all and never gets tired of it... Amusing to read, and even more amusing to try it out yourself!

So, that was it, 5 of my favorite following blogs... Again, I advise you to check them all out, you will not be sorry!

PS: the order has nothing to do with my personal ranking, it'd be very hard to order these according to which i like more, as I think all of these are awesome :)
PPS: for those of you who were hoping this would be about kittens, here is a little extra:

Catch ya next time!


  1. I follow those blogs too and you should check 'em out, you wont be disappointed! btw I'm Loving your layout.

  2. Wow, what a prestigious honor, thank you! Glad that you get some use out of my blog. Do you have any suggestions for recipes? I'm always looking for something interesting to try.
    I definitely like coming here too - so much interesting stuff I'd never find out without your posts!

  3. Oh hey, I follow a few of these myself too!

  4. i follow most of these, good peoples

  5. I had a hidden hope that you'll pick my blog :P
    Kiddin - I'm still developing in the blogging :)

  6. Great stuff, hopefully my blog will gain enough momentum to be worth checking out sometime.

  7. I love the last picture, every time I see it it makes me laugh (:

  8. I've been following Erika's blog for awihle now. There are several candidates for great suggestions here, applause all around

  9. omg Thank you so much for the feature! I shall be sure to give you an awesome shout out when I post up my Challenge of the Week later today. I really appreciate this =]

    Much love, bro <333

  10. you wrote interesting stuff about them, will definitely check those blogs out!

  11. wow :) I don't know about five yet will check it out and thank you for this promoting and also recommending the rest of blogs that you have listed they are great

  12. Very nice list, I followed some of them as well for some time, very nice content.

  13. Came here from Erika's Blog, didn't know about the others. Looks good though, following.

  14. Excellent choices there. Didn't follow all of them but I'll check them out.

  15. Nice, I follow a couple of those already

  16. thanks for including the kitty pics ^_^