Thursday, April 7, 2011

picture scores and biking speed

This piece of technology might be useful for those of you who take thousands of pictures a year, but cannot decide whether they are good enough to save or not.
Why? Well, because the software on this camera rates your pictures for you, on different grounds, intensity of colors, recognizability of faces, shades,...
Based upon the settings you think are the most important, it gives a score ranging from 0-100%, which makes it a little bit easier to decide whether or not the shot was successful...

Another cool thing I found is this bicycle speedometer...
Just like an ordinary speedometer it measures how fast you are riding on your bike, and which distance you've done... nothing new so far... So for those of you who enjoy riding their bikes and who want to know how much they need to brag with their speeds with style, this is the ideal thing! So you might wonder what is so innovative about this thing... Well I think it's fancy as hell... Cool curves, smooth design, and I bet it even looks better when it's on your bike... Did I mention it also acts as a bicycle bell? =D

links can be found here:
Nadia camera


  1. It rates picture for you? Friggen sweet!

  2. wow that is very cool and helpful, deciding myself which ones to keep takes forever...

  3. thats definitely interesting, that would make me feel useless as a photographer for some reason. i take pride in having a good eye for what a good picture looks like. damn machines taking all are jobs!!

  4. Wonder how that bike speedometer works. Most of them need a magnet on the spokes, or a pitot tube to measure airflow...

  5. well that is some fancy bicycle speedometer, but in general thats old news :/

    but Nadia sound amazing and like something just for me