Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zombie apocalypse? The ultimate shelter

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I got into a discussion with a friend about what to do when a zombie apocalypse rises, and I came to the conclusion that IF a zombie apocalypse would ever arrive, that I'd be pretty doomed... Why? Well, just because I don't have that much of a shelter here, and that is one of the most important things when it comes to surviving zombie attacks, SHELTER. Another things that is important, is food, but that could even be arranged...

But yeah, shelter is a pretty big problem, that's why I went online to look for zombie shelters (yes I have actually searched that :p)
And I did actually find the ultimate zombie shelter!
Just look at some of these pictures and you know what I mean:

Doesn't it look absolutely amazing? I think it does... Ok I do admit that it might not look completely zombie proof. But then again, that's only when you're not into "zombie mode"...
Zombie mode? Well look at this:

 Now that looks more like it... And there's a very good chance that it's super zombie proof!
What do you think of it? Would you get something like this? Because it does look pretty good when it's not in defense mode. Let me know in the comments :)

See ya!


  1. Wow daaamn. Looks very nice and the defensive mode is pretty impressive. Hell.. no zombie would get in there...but wjhat would u do if u need some food? :P

  2. I need this to be my new house, complete with gun turrets.

  3. I remember seeing this somewhere, along with a footage showing how it closes and opens. I don't think we might be facing any zombie invasions soon, but it might really be a good panic room (house?), earth quake or flood shelter. In case of a military conflict - I bet troops could get inside easily.

  4. thats a really weird house..but it seems that Blackjack is right, how do you wanna get your food in there?
    Guess you´ll need some kind of underground system ^_^

  5. Very cool indeed if I had the cash and was millionaire would build one of these for shits and giggles haha.