Sunday, September 25, 2011

Youtuber featured: Yourfavoritemartian

Hey everyone!

This youtuber featured today is Yourfavorite martian. This guy makes songs and some cartoons to go along with them. The subjects the songs are about don't always make sense but that's one thing I like about his songs, they don't have any message, they don't need you to be super attentive to the lyrics, they're just goofy...
The themes range from dating with a zombie, his balls being the size of the moon, a grandmother on facebook. The songs also feature more popular references from time to time like games, movies... The cartoons always feature the same guy who looks like waldo from the where's Waldo books, and they are done very well in my opinion since they have the same goofy touch as the songs.
The one I like the most is the stereotypes song, which gave me a good laugh, not only because of the lyrics, but also because you know all of these stereotypes and that the song and more the cartoon perfectly depict them!

Another one I really like is 8-bit world, again because it is recognizable... And that aside, it just sounds very good.

There are many more where those 2 came from but if I'd put them all up then this post would probably be pages long...
If you like any these songs, they are available on itunes where you can download them for a dollar or less. And I do encourage you to buy them because supporting smaller artists is great and can help them grow!

That's all of it for today, see you later!

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