Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real life UP: a floating house!

Hey everyone!

Time for another quick post. This will be about a thing which I found while stumbling. And I thought it was very very cool. It's about the animation movie "UP". If you've seen it, you probably know that it's about a man who created a flying house. How does he do this? By binding A LOT of balloons to his roof... And actually I've wondered whether that would be possible if you had enough helium balloons, and it looks like it is!

Just take a look at these pictures and see for yourself how amazing it is:

Now those are some serious balloons...
Preparing for takeoff, once again check the size of those balloons!

It's flying!
There it goes.

 Isn't that amazing? they even went through all the effort to recreate the real thing from the movie. And it did fly... Some of you might see this as a waste of money, but I think it's great that there still are people who do these things, and who listen to their inner kid.

What do you guys think about this? Isn't it amazing? A flying house... With balloons! Childish fantasy, I don't think so!

See you later!


  1. Seems more like a hot air balloon basket than a house, but pretty awesome :D

  2. I wonder how far the got? But his house is empty unlike in the movie. I guess it would take a whole lot more balloons to lift a full house.