Sunday, September 11, 2011

Youtuber featured: Athenewins pt.2, Together to the top

Hello everyone,

I'm back with the second part of the youtuber featured post.
Yesterday I told you guys about Athene, a youtuber who got in world of warcraft and spread that fame onto youtube with various projects and shows. Now I'm going to talk about his latest project, which I touched lightly yesterday. His movement to change youtube as it is now: the TTTT movement, "together to the top"
Yesterday I stopped with mentioning that Athene had lots of different projects and interests... World of warcraft, poker, net neutrality. But even though he had all kinds of different interests, he kept coming back to the basic one, gaming. He even went to gamescon as a representative for razor gaming gear. Yes he is a real big shot on the Internet, and mainly on youtube. And because he got so big on youtube he got to know firsthand how youtube works, by protecting and promoting only a few top tier users. He thought this wasn't fair, and that everyone should have a shot at getting big, or at least at showing their videos to the world, and that's why Athene came up with the TTTT movement.

In this movement he encourages everyone to favorite and subscribe to the channels and videos you like. Now this in itself isn't anything new, the features have been on youtube since its creation. And actually people already do this, but they do it according to what I mentioned earlier. Only the bigger channels get a lot of publicity, get high search rankings and top spots on the front page. So what videos do you think people will see when looking for something new? And what videos will they favorite after they've seen them? Exactly, those same top youtube users, and thus their top positions get strengthened even more.

Does this mean that you can't subscribe or favorite any bigger channels anymore? Not really, in the end they did nothing wrong by making the video, and if you really like it, you should let them know by favoriting. But you should do this for all the videos you like, and for all the channels which interest you. I know that one person more or less won't make any difference, but that's the point of the whole action. You can make a difference on your own! If you find a video or a channel which you really like, just spread the word about it. Tell others what you found, and that you like it. And if they like it too, let them favorite the videos too... This is the principle of the TTTT movement: a community helping each other out. This way you can make a lot of change! Especially if the bigger channels are starting to support the smaller ones which they like... This is one of the ultimate goals, everyone supporting everyone, big and small, so that youtube can finally become what it was intended to be, a community for people who love making videos, and want to show them to the world.

Interested in this? Watch this video and maybe you can join in on the action, and help the movement!

Unfortunately, youtube does not seem to like this movement at all, and it seems like they are trying to stop it. Just take a look at this video:

But honestly, I don't think it will matter what they try... The word is out there and is rapidly spreading, more and more people are supporting the movement and are helping each other out, even big channels are joining... I'm sure that change is coming, and that it will be good. What do you think about this all? Let me know!

See ya later!


  1. Yeah I love athene and heard about this, still might sign up someday if I stop being lazy

  2. I like the idea, but I cant actually stand Athene.

  3. Man i want to join but its far far away! Nice feature! like this guys!