Friday, September 23, 2011

Ipad Dj'ing like a pro: iDJ Live

Hey everyone!

In my last post I talked about the appBlaster gadget which transforms your favorite apple device into a real life shooter. Today I'm back with yet another gadget to get more out of your Ipad/phone/pod!
This is a gadget for those who like to make their own mix once in a while and want to go a little more pro than the standard apps out there.

The iDJ Live is a small mixing table onto which you can connect your Ipad, Ipod touch and Iphone. It features every thing a starting (and even more advanced) DJ needs, so that you can scratch, crossfade, cue and mix all you want. The iDJ works with the popular app Djay by Algoriddim, which allows you to use all of your favorite MP3's from your itunes library for your mixing pleasure. The standard package also includes an audio cable so that you can hook your setting up to the speaker of your choice.

Always wanted to give Dj'ing a chance, or maybe are you in need of new gear, well then head over to Numarks website and get this baby for the price of 99€ (= about 135$). The Djay app itself costs about 20$, which isn't exactly super cheap, but it definitely is worth the money in the end!

See you later, when I tell you about something else

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