Thursday, September 15, 2011

2000 Boobs for Vladimir

Hey everyone!
Today I came across this video about a Russian guy who wants to support Vladimir Putin in the upcoming elections. What is so special about this guy is the way he wants to do that, by touching the breasts of women.

Sam Nickel is the man who came up with the idea, first go out on the street and touch as many breasts as possible and in the end go shake hands with the prime minister himself with the same hand so that he can transfer all the positive energy.
Sam went out on the streets and asked about 7000 females if they would him touch them, and 1000 of them said yes. So that's 2000 boobs for the good cause. A lot of work, but I'm sure that he didn't mind.

See the video for yourself here:

It also looks like he asked the women to do some kind of gesture after he touched the breasts, which some times comes out hilarious...

Now what did you think of this? Will this get overseas and cause Americans to touch breasts for their favorite candidate in the elections? 

See you later!

1 comment:

  1. great post!... Maybe it is a Guinness book record!? lol
    I got to do the same on the next elections!