Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Augmented reality Iphone gun

Hey everyone!
Meet the appBlaster, a new gadget for those who want to give a new dimension to iphone gaming.
The gun itself is made out of plastic and requires no batteries at all, which is always good. So how does it work then? Well, first you put your Iphone (or Ipod touch) in the docking station, next you download the Alien attack application (for free!) and you're off! Shooting the alien scum in your own living room, or wherever you want!
When you pull the trigger you move 2 fingerlike extensions, which press against your iphone, resulting in ingame shooting. The movements you make are registered by the Ipone itself, so you can actually duck away to avoid enemy attacks! According to users, this gun isn't only fun to use, but will also give you extra movement while playing, much like WII fit and others.

Interested? You can make the gun yours for about 30$ at the online store Red5 , and as mentioned earlier the application itself is free in the appstore, the publishers also announced that they will release another 3 games compatible with this gun, for even more fun!


  1. Ha that's pretty clever. I hope to see more Augmented Reality tech in the future, supposedly the PS Vita will be using it too.

  2. i think its 30$ too much.
    looks like it belongs in the 90s

  3. Insane !!
    Is it on ebay or something ?

    def +follow
    (much love from if you're interested !)

  4. If I had an iphone I'd def try this!

  5. its like every plastic gimmick created... the same thing. Good laugh though, followed!