Monday, August 22, 2011

Make-over in the making?

Hello everyone!

It's time for a little more serious post now, one that might completely change this blogs future... Why? Well, during the last 2 weeks I've been carefully observing the google analytics page for my blog, and made my conclusions about it...
What are those conclusions? Well, for as much as traffic goes, I get a fair amount of viewers each day, so I guess there's no complaining to that, but what does bother me is that the number of returning visitors tends to be quite low... Now I  was beginning to wonder what could be the reasons for this and what could be a possible solution for it... And I've come up with a few explanations:

1) content: As you might have noticed when looking at my posts, I don't really have a specific genre of topic about which I post. This might result in the fact that people find less of the content they want to read, but also in more people from different groups reading the blog. I could go with the stream and make a dubstep blog, or gaming blog, or any thing like that, but the point is that there's lots and lots of interesting stuff in this world, and that I like writing about all the different things...

2) Timing: I'll be honest on this one, my posting rate isn't exactly firm... I started out with the intention of making a daily short post, so I could spread lots of content, but after a while I saw this was a little too much, and I decided to make a longer post every 2 days... But now that even goes horribly wrong sometimes, which results in a massive amount of time in between posts, and I'm sure that that doesn't improve popularity...

3) Themed posts: Another thing that I could do is making more posting themes, like those "youtuber featured" posts, and I could post those on a specific day... It would certainly allow me to feature several themes on one blog, and it could help me with the timing issues, but I'm not sure whether the people would like it...

4) Naming and URL: In the beginning of my "blogging carriere" I had the same problem pretty much every new blogger has: "What will be the name of this newborn blog ?" of course you want something that both sounds good, and points out what your blog is about... When I came up with the name "let me tell you about this" I took both of these things into consideration... It said exactly what I wanted to do: inform people about things, and it sounded good to me (it still does btw :p). But there are some other factors, which I might've forgotten back then, and that's how memorable it is, so that it's easy to come back to if you want; and a last but not least: keeping it simple. And even though the scentence itself is simple, try putting it into an URL...
something like "" isn't exactly memorable and honestly, it just looks horrible... The URL which I use now "lmtyaboutthis" does look a little better, but I'm afraid that it might even be less memorable...
That's why I was thinking about getting a new name, but finding one is pretty hard, maybe any of you can help?

So now probably the most important part of this post: Your opinions! Because no matter what way you put it, without readers a blog isn't worth anything... So what do you people think about these 4 issues? I'm sure that I can resolve them with your feedback... So if you have any kind of hints, tips or info about the blog, I'd be very glad to hear about it! 

Please help me out on this one :)

See you later!


  1. I don't know what to say, I am always coming back to your blog. :P

  2. I have lot of plans for my blogs future and one of the issues I have is the URL lol. If you end making a theme, use that for thoughts of a URL.

  3. You should change the font too, the transparent thing just makes it quite hard to read. And you also should go around leaving comments on others' blogs so they should visit yours more often.

  4. Yep just work some more on the layout and gettin a specific genre of topic for your content, although i enjoy your randomness, maybe going for a specific one will get you more traffic, good luck

  5. As a frequent visitor to your blog, I must say that I really enjoy reading your posts. I think that timing isn't that important, although it may give us some idea when to expect a new post. I like the layout, the name is just nice and perfectly describes the content. As you mentioned, it's varied, but again - it's what you write about. I like the idea of themed posts, some cycles of posts on specific topics. These are always extremely well written and 'hook' the reader who then awaits new posts in the cycle. Keep on the good work coming.

  6. Depends what you want from blogging. if you just want to share things with the community then a unique name and original content would suffice.