Sunday, August 14, 2011

Counter strike returns?

Hey people,

I have some news that probably is pretty interesting to the game lovers in here. More specifically, those who love first person shooters.
Yes of course it's a new shooter, and yes of course it's a new counter strike title (Well, I kind of hoped that you'd figure that one out by reading this posts title...)

So in a nutshell, Valve announced a new game in the counter strike series, called counter strike global offensive, aka. CS:G-O. The team announced that they will release this game onto pc and consoles, in contrast to their other games which were pc only... Could this mean that steam will also evolve further into the console world? Because I think it'd be hard to create another cs without using steam, which is another a product of valve...

The game will feature new weapons and (of course!) new maps and characters, but it will also have remastered "classic" maps, like the famous map "de_dust"... Another renovation will be new gaming modes, and last but not least official leaderboards.

Counter strike global offensive is thought to release in early 2012, but then again, they might get some unsuspected delay...

Personally I think it's nice that counter strike keeps surviving with a minimal amount of new game releases... I mean, if you think about it, it all started as an experiment, as a free game mod, which soon conquered the fps world... Valve just bought the game and concept and released a few "newer versions" of it, like counter strike source and counter strike condition zero (which was kind of the single player version of the game). Come on, 3 releases in 12 years, and this game still is one of the most played games out there... I think the call of duty series and others could learn a thing or two from these, and I really mean that...

But what do you think about this all? Let me know in the comments below!

See you later!


  1. well, it still is the most fun game to play in a lan :P

  2. I'll probably pick it up even though I suck at it.

  3. I know its coming out for console, which makes me nervous that they make it console first and port it to PC. I certainly hope that's not the case.

  4. thats what ive heard....havent played it in years.

  5. cant wait, i heard its like a mix of source and 1.6

  6. I'm reall afraid they'll spoil this game. Over the years Counter-Strike has become a game similar to soccer/football: the rules are simple, possibilities are determined by just a few factors. Still, these are elements that make this game so balanced and unique among other FPS.

    1- same weapons ballistics / aim / recoil /dmg
    2- same moving speeds / character movement / friction etc
    3- "hurt" damage slows downs the enemy exactly like it does in 1.6,
    4-preferably same model shapes and hitboxes

    then the game will be a succes, they can change move alter the graphs all they want, but if it doesnt play like 1.6 at all, hardcor eplayers WILL not follow it, up to these days people play 1.6 cs and not CSS because it changed the gameplay a lot

  8. I havn't played CS in YEARS might have to start playing again :)