Monday, August 8, 2011

Youtuber featured: Vi hart

Hey all!
Today I'll make a quick post of something I encountered earlier, and found quite amusing... It's a video story made by a youtuber named Vi Hart, basically she enjoys making all kinds of games out of mathematical principles for when you are bored in class... Now that might sound extremely uninteresting, but it's surprisingly interesting.
She also made this video in which she draws a story about a tringle called Wind. The story itself is kind of sad, but it is well found en fun to watch... Especially the ending is pretty cool... I'll advise you to watch it for yourself and if you want you can also watch some of her squigly games...


And for those who were wondering about the games thing, here you go!

Watched it? Good :) Did you enjoy watching it, or was it a waste of your time? Will you give it a try yourself? Or didn't you watch it at all? Please let me know!

See you later


  1. Oh wow! That was really nifty..I think I just might create a mobius strip so I know what happens to poor wind and her dog :)

  2. A lot more creative than when I was bored in class haha. I would just sleep -_-

  3. Creative stuff. Probably won't try it myself, but still cool nonetheless. Follow +1

  4. Eh... I sometimes think that this is one of few ways people interested in Mathematics actually use it for practical purpoises. Now that's kinda sad that real skills got wasted.