Friday, August 19, 2011

Youtuber(s) featured: The yogscast

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for the delayed post, but I am experiencing some personal problems atm, and I simply didn't feel like getting near my computer at all... (might be a lame excuse, so sorry again for that...)

So, lets get on with the post, today I'll post another review about a youtuber I enjoy following, well a channel would be better in this case I think...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, the yogscast:

 If you do not know them, I'll give a quick introduction... Meet Simon (left) and Lewis (right), their channel, called the yogscast, is all about games... One game in particular gets lots of attention from them, minecraft, the famous sandbox indie game. One of the things they do is reviewing (by playing) custom made adventure maps, but the thing they are probably most known for is their adventure youtube serie, "Shadow of Israphel". I watched all the episodes up till the current one, and I must admit, I totally love it... Not only the storyline is well found, but also the creations in minecraft will make loyal players go "Oh my god! That looks so AWESOME". And last but not least, another one of their great strengths, the humor... Yes, these series get pretty hilarious at some times, it really adds a lot of value to the series. Even without watching the video itself you can get pretty cracked up by the audio alone... Especially Simon has his awesome moments... They use a firm script, but there is also a fair amount of improvisation, like when the team needs to make a deep hole, so Simon comes up with this song, "I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole", and even though that is all what he says, the way he says it is just amazing. Here's a remix of it:

And now that I've mentioned Simon his vocal talents, I need to say that they do all the voices of the characters they come across by themselves...

But even if you're not that big of a minecraft fan, you can enjoy their channel, because they also review other games, like HoN, Condemned, fruit ninja, and others...

I'd say it's definately worth checking out, so what are you waiting for! Visit the channel with this link
You might also want to check out their second channel, where they seem to do trailer reviews...
Give it a try, and if you really enjoy watching them, you can also go to their website to become a full fledged "Yognaught"

Do tell me your opinions about these guys, because I'm curious what others think about this...

See you later!


  1. Great vector graphics their using. Minecraft is not my type of game, really, but these videos are so entertaining. In my opinion, some of them have got a lot of potential to go viral. So soon we may get really tired of watching them : )

  2. I remember these guys, I watched part of their island survival arc.

    Hope your personal life gets better soon, we understand.

  3. Oh I love these guys! Simon and Lewis are hilarious! I'm a fan of their "Shadow of Israphel" series. Good stuff indeed.

  4. never seen heard of them before, entertaining though, thanks!

  5. awesome! they're really good. :o