Monday, August 1, 2011

Portable gaming station

Hey people,

Today I came across a cool gadget that might appeal to those of you who enjoy console gaming, and hate leaving it alone when going on vacation...
It might be true that there are alternative portable gaming devices around there, which can also give you a bunch of fun, but when it comes to it, nothing beats the pure power of the console...
So, when you are in the situation of going somewhere where you don't have access to a tv, and thus you are forced of leaving without it, think of this:

This is the Gaems G155, and consider it to be the best suitcase out there... It has a spot for your favorite console and it has a build in tv screen, yes indeed, this thing has a 15,5" LED screen inside of it, to provide you with the graphs you need... Sure it's probably lots of smaller thant he thing you have at your home, but then again it sure beats being bored because you can't take the huge thing with you!
The only negative point about it might be the price, because 210,5€ isn't excactly that cheap (= about 315$)... But then again, if you can afford it, it might come in handy because it doesn't only provide gaming pleasure, but also protection! Now you only need to find a place to plug it in, because it doesn't have a battery which is powerful enough to feed both the screen and the console, but maybe there will be batteries like that in the future, who knows...

So, what do you guys think about this thing? An expensive gimmic, or is it something you might actually buy?

Let me know, Below!

See you later!


  1. looks pretty cool to me, if it didnt cost me 1 paycheck i'd buy it lol. but yea its interesting.
    (also i been gone while, love the new look on your blog, nice work :]..)

  2. That's quite expensive. Wouldn't it be simply easier to get your console together with you and find a TV to plug it in?

  3. "nothing beats the pure power of the console"
    Clearly, you need a decent computer. Mind blowingly better. ;) lol

  4. @ Vague: well actually I was referring to console vs handheld, in which the console is the winner by far IMO... I didn't compare is with pc power ;) I am a pc gamer as well myself and I know that there are things where pc surpasses the console =)

  5. $315 is not a bad buy... But I to like my xbox.. Just wish I could carry it around like that :p