Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Duke nukem vs. Chuck Norris: An epic battle

Hey what's up everyone,

So yesterday a friend of mine kind of got into this childish discussion about "my hero is greater than yours"... Seriously, after giving arguments for about 20 minutes we decided just to quit and call it even... But then I thought of this blog and I thought I could ask you guys what you think...

So this post will come with a poll (which you might have seen and voted on already), the question is very very simple: Duke Nukem or Chuck Norris?
Yep, we actually discussed this, like a bunch of 10-year-olds; but then again, when coming to a decision this great, who wouldn't argue about it :p

If you can't really make up your mind right now, or if you don't know who these guys are (shame on you!), here's a little summary of both:

Chuck Norris

Ah, the Chuck, famous from all his movies and his mad martial arts... Really this guy could kick your butt like hell just by blinking... which is a perfect example of a Chuck Norris fact. This man got so popular, that everyone on the net decided to write facts about him, praising his manliness, strength, his mad skills and more... A few more examples of well known Chuck Norris facts are:

*Chuck Norris does not enjoy eating honey, he prefers chewing beehives
*Chuck Norris doesn't get the cold, the cold gets Chuck Norris
*When the boogeyman goes asleep, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris
*There is no evolution, the species which got extinct pissed of Chuck Norris

And there are lots and lots of more like that, and you can probably find them all over the web...
Another thing you might not know is that this man actually created his own martial art, yes that's right, Chuck Norris is the founder of Chun Kuk Do.

Duke Nukem

Yes, Duke f'ing Nukem, even though he might "just" be a video game character, he might very well be the best video game character out there. Famous for his monster butt kicking games, but certainly also because of his oneliners... Indeed the image of this guy was also build by a bunch of sentences, which show off his manliness and killing skills:

*It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum
*Hail to the king baby
*I go where I please, and i please where I go 
*I've got balls of steel
*Let's rock

Duke appeared in 13 games for various systems, ranging from early pc (DOS) to nowadays PS3. This man was created to kick ass, and be does it with style... And last but not least, the theme song of these games is great, action filled and certainly created the right mood for butt kicking action filled gameplay...

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed reading this and be sure to answer the poll! Also feel free to comment about it below!

See you later

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  1. yeah unfortunately chuck wins.

  2. How can people seriously be rooting for Duke Nukem? seriously?!!? Chuck all the way.

  3. Duke Nukem wins. Blow it out your ass!

  4. Haha! Very funny. How you can compare the two? But in any case I still vote for Chuck Norris all the way. :-)

  5. balls of steel!
    Chuck cant beat that

  6. Duke would certainly win, until they finally released Duke Nukem Forever. This game is fun, but it's not exactly what users expected. I guess I'd rather watch some Walker Texas Ranger instead - nothing will beat good old Chuck!