Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To domain or not to domain?

Hey people,

This post will not feature any gadgets, or movies, or games... It will be about something totally different. The thing is, I love this blog, I enjoy writing on it, I enjoy searching content to use, and I love reading your comments...
So I thought, why not go one step further in becoming a real real blog by getting a domain name... Now the problem is that I don't have that much spare money on me, so the company providing the domain name shouldn't charge too much... So I've been thinking and looking around, but there's so much choice!

What will follow?
First I thought about getting a yahoo domain. The cost is only about 10$ a year, but it turns out you can only sign up for maximum 5 years at that price, and after that it gets like 35$ a year... So that's a no for yahoo domains, because I just can't afford myself that much for a single domain...
The next domain service that came up was Godaddy, which seemed reasonable, 9$ a yeah, and no extra costs at first glance, but I guess I should still check it out some more...

Another thing I can't really decide on is what domain to take... I could just get a .com domain, or a .org, maybe even .net ... The prices for each of those domains are about the same, but they each have something of their own... I can't pick all of them unfortunately, because of the money shortage :(
There's so much choice! =S
Third problem, what should the url become... Now it's just lmtyaboutthis.XXX , but I have a double feeling about the half-letters, half words way... So maybe I should just go for LMTYAT.XXX ... But then again, that isn't understandable... And typing in letmetellyouaboutthis.XXX isn't fun either...

So many problems for a single domain name... I am seriously troubles about it... So I'll resort to the best source of information I can get, my fanbase... So, what do you guys think about the domain name? What should it be? What looks cool?
And for those of you who have experience with services like yahoo domains, or godaddy or things like that, is there a service that you prefer.

See ya!


  1. Strange, I'm paying like 0,50€ on my .de domain. Although I would prefer .com :)

  2. I've had nothing but trouble with domain names and FTP in the past. That's not to say you shouldn't get one I guess I've just been unlucky with them. Good luck with whatever you decide on!

  3. I dunno, I just like having the blogspot for free. I know web domains are cheap but I'm a cheapass :P

  4. I've been looking into domains a lot lately

  5. Hey I just went from blogger to my own domain too. First time experienceing web hosting but I chose HostGator cause it had a great deal. First month for free and 6$ per month for unlimited domains.

    I didn't know what to expect with all the new tools I never worked with before. I chose to install wordpress and my blog is up and running.

    I like hostgator soo far. They have technicians always avaiable to help me with any problems I've encountered.

    I'm still learning a lot, you should give it a try.
    Use coupon code " soladaddotcom " for your first month free :)

  6. I'm with Namecheap. I like it. =]


  7. you sure you still be at this thing after 5+yrs?

  8. Picking domain names is hard.. I want to but don't know a good place to buy from or if my name would even be available.

  9. I eventually will, want to get my chops first.

  10. how bout shortens it up some.

  11. I run a work in progress gaming website called My partner and I chose ot use JustHost webhosting due to while they can be a little pricey depending on how many times a year you wish to pay, they give you UNLIMITED bandwith, i.e. No matter how much content you put on your domain, NO PROBLEM!

    as for domain suggestions, you really are in a conundrum. It is always better to go short rather than longhand, but with yours its a bit difficult to spell or remember if you don't already know it. I therefor would try coming up with some alternative domain names, but leave the content name as like the domain title.

    Hope this helps, feel free to contact me with any questions, I'll do my best to assist.

  12. I kinda like the .blogspot one :3

  13. mmm basically you think you'll be able to keep it up for 5 years huh? if so then good luck!

  14. Yeah there's a lot to consider when getting a domain name, i might do the same for my blog once it grows a little more.

  15. I'm considering it too, however I don't know if I want to go through all the trouble. Coming up with the right name is key too, I wouldn't know what to suggest though.

  16. let us know when you find something! i might do this too

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