Monday, May 16, 2011

Q&A rahoun style

Sup people!

I've been thinking, I've been having this blog for about 3 months now, and I'm enjoying it all... I have a nice bunch of followers who comment on my posts, and some of them whom I follow myself... But well, what do we actually know about each other? and what do you know about me?
Not that much...

So that's why I'm making this post:
If you want you can write me a question in the comments, I will read and answer them personally (unless they are inappropriate or insulting). So let's get this party started, submit your questions and I will answer them by next Wednesday, which is 2 days from now :) 

I'm looking forward to it :)

See you later!


  1. isn't that one of the many great advantages to this whole blogging thing?

  2. I like keeping a hidden identity online, but I'm glad to see youre willing to open up to your readers!!!

  3. I would love to know:

    When you wake up, what is the issue that makes you wish you could stay in bed? Everyone has one. Perhaps it is bills, your job, etc., etc.

  4. Do you go to college, if so, what is it?