Friday, July 22, 2011

Second try better try?

Hey people,
As some of you might have noticed (unlike myself at first), the last post I made was a blank, now I did write something in it, but I guess even blogger has its problems from time to time... So that's why I deleted the old one and created this one (with the same topic though)

The topic of this post will be Groupon

Yes groupon, the site you have probably already seen a few times here or there in advertisements, maybe it's even on this page! Well, it's those ads that made me have a look at it, and I must be honest I don't regret it...

At first I was attracted by the advertisement which offered sushi in my city for 50% discounts, now I happen to love sushi and so I checked it out... Only to see that there was no sushi deal at all, only other daily deals... I was disappointed and felt stupid for believing this ad...

Then I forgot about this site until a friend of mine told me to check it out, because there was a sushi deal... I actually laughed at him saying that it was all an ad scam to attract visitors, but soon my laughing ended, because he send me a screenshot of an actual sushi deal... So it wasn't all bogus after all...

That's how I (re)discovered the system of groupon... They have daily deals for each region and also for a country (although nothing stops you from buying the deals of another place). These deals cover many many different subjects: subscription to a popular magazine, a midweek vacation, a month supply of batteries, tickets to an amusement park, and so on... All these deals have something in common, which is the reductions they offer... And some get really crazy, like an 80% reduction on a certain restaurant meal... But in order to get these reductions, you have to buy the deal together with other people.

This was another point of skepticism to me, because I thought, that if you buy the deal, and there aren't enough people with you for the reduction, you still have to buy the item, but at full price...
I couldn't have been more wrong, because if there aren't enough people for a deal, nobody gets anything, but nobody pays either, so that's ok too...
If there are people who are still doubting, I really suggest you to check it out for yourself, and maybe even to sign up for their newsletter which sends you information about the deals in your region... I'm sure eventually something that fits your taste will be included...

But, what is your opinion about this site, or others like it (which?); do you like the system of buying in mass? Or isn't it your thing? Let me know in the comments!
So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed, and I will talk to you later


  1. I get these emails every morning! I love Groupon!!

  2. My mum is getting her teeth whitened via Groupon. idk. She just showed me the receipt for £650 and it had the Groupon deals logo thing on the actual receipt. Or are they putting ads on receipts as well now? I have no idea. Probably just me being silly. Is Groupon just foodstuffs?

  3. groupon is a scam, the retailers jack up their prices the day before and so its just free advertising for them.

  4. Great post, but i have to admit thats not my thing (:

  5. I have to admit, I'm not financed well enough for this service.
    However, I love saving money. Still, I also love paying full price for things worthy of my cash. Oh how I wish this were available when I were down to my last few $200 in order to dine like a boss.
    Nice post though.
    Entirely interesting, and I absolutely had to +1.

    P.S. I'd search for burgers. Because burgers man, you can't deny the awesome. Maybe you can, but I can't.