Saturday, July 16, 2011

Diet help needed?

Hey people,

This gadget is one for those of you who have troubles with following their diet...

This is the Autom Personal trainer, and it is a neat thing to have =D
Instead of having this huge muscled, loud shouting gym trainer next to you saying what you need to do for workouts and what you need to eat for your diet, this gadget gives you simple advice with a soft womans voice. It will also blink at you when it is pleased (aka, when you are following its advice). It will also measure your calorie with several formulas for different activities, and with its pedometer...

It is a great help for those who need help on the diet, but the downside is that it can get quite expensive... Now it is in the shop for 285,25 euros, which translates to more than 350USD... Quite a lot, especially if you take into account that you also need to purchase a monthly subsciption for its services...


  1. Lol does this gadget really exist?

  2. well hey if it does the job, then it's worth it's weight. :P

    I myself have a big problem with self restraint.

  3. It looks like Wall-E from the movie! Pretty cool!