Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Keep it cool

Hello people,
Time for a new post, and I feel like doing a good old fashioned gadget post...
So here it is, today's gadget:

I must admit, it looks weird... And don't worry if you don't understand what this exactly is, because honestly, I didn't get it too at first...
So now for the revealing: it's not a headset and it isn't some kind of medical contraption either. Nope, this thing is far more interesting, it's a neck cooler... Yep, they exist, neck coolers, for those days your neck feels a tad to warm...

It ain't that hard to imagine that I'm not really fond of this thing,
1) It just doesn't look good
2) Who the hell only wants to cool his neck
3) who would want to pay 50 good dollars for a thing like this...

So why am I featuring it? Because everyone needs a good laugh once in a while I guess... I mean, if you read the manual of this thing it actually says: fill the water tank and check the batteries when needed... Not more than that... That's some fail if you ask me... :p

But this is what I am asking YOU, what is your opinion about such a thing?

See you later!


  1. Why would someone even need that?! Why would your neck need cooling so badly compared to the rest of you.
    How deliciously absurd!

  2. Well its quite ugly and very large.

  3. Would rather die from a heat stroke!

  4. Looks more like a shock collar.

  5. That's awesome haha, a neck cooler really ? +1

  6. i need sth like this :) especially when i'm working on my pc :)

  7. i would get one, no joke, im that excentric

  8. Ha these are the kinds of things you'd find in a mall kiosk with pushy salesmen, or the Skymall catalogs in airplanes. Toys for people with too much money, or not enough sense...

  9. I thought that this was some high tech kink play going on...

  10. damn, imagine sleeping with this thing around your neck ...

  11. Oh I thought it was a neck massager. Would have been better if it was.