Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There's no stopping him...

Hey people...
I have returned with some pretty good news... It's over... Yes finally my exams are done, and thus there will be nothing that can keep me from writing decent posts again, on a steady base that is...
As a celebration, I'm going to talk about a man who had a huge influence on my life... This man has created my strong love for good comedy and humor... This man is Brittish, and if you didn't guess is by no, this is the man I am talking about.

Yes indeed, Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean. He was the first to really make me laugh, and I don't mean a haha, but really, laughing out loud... He has achieved great things, but his character Bean is what really made him famous... I loved every bit about his humor and comedy, and when I grew older I found out that he was not only an comedy "god" but also a pretty good actor, that was when I started to watch the series of Blackadder...
Through the years he kept surprising me with new things I discovered, and has always kept me amused... Here's a signature clip of one of his stand up comedy shows:

Yes, i happily admit I love his humor, and even though there will be people out there who can't appreciate it, he still is a legend in the comedy world...

But now lately I've been seeing this thing on tv called Mr. Bean the animated series, and I must admit, I cried a little bit inside... It's nice that they want to make more of that great stuff, but this is the wrong way... Especially if it gets dubbed (which is the case in my country)...  To my feeling the real Mr. Bean feeling is gone with this kind of cartoon... For instance, there is no way that you can simulate Rowan Atkinsons facial expressions in a cartoon, which made up a great deal of the comedy... Truly, I am sad when I see this...

But then again TV doesn't only bring bad things, it also shows good stuff, like this new trailer I saw about a week ago, it's the trailer to a new Johny English movie, and quite frankly, I loved the first one, so I'm really looking forward to this one... Here's the trailer: 


So that's what I'm going to close of with... This was a short tribute to one of the funniest men around, in my opinion... But then again, what is your opinion about him? Tell me in the comments!
See you later!


  1. I love the guy thats what I thinkand I love his old shcetches the one where he meets the queen was the best if you ask me :]

  2. Oh man, Mr. Bean was awesome. Every evening used to sit down and watch it xD

  3. I love Rowan Atkinson, good post good post

  4. That is a bastardization of a great comedian... Oh well, someone's gonna get paid.

  5. He was one of my favorite growing up as a kid. Liked him in Rat Race as well.

  6. My Physics teacher looked a lot like Mr.Bean lol. We even made a comparison image.

  7. This guy is just funny to watch. He has the weirdest face and the most bizzare grunts. lol. Good stuff.

  8. Mr. Bean is great, because he can make anyone laugh no matter they language they speak.

  9. This is guy is just too funny!

  10. I can't believe they really made a cartoon! That's horrible! Mr. Bean is hilarious and I feel that making a cartoon is a horrible idea since the soul of Mr. Bean is Rowan Atkinson.

    I should watch Johnny English, I haven't done it yet.