Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ultimate sporting gadget

Hey people!
It's time for yet another new post (finally!), Yes, I'm still having exam problems, and frequent blogging costs time, of which I honestly don't have much... =(
Well any way, let's get this post on with.
Today I'm introducing a miracle gadget for all the people who enjoy sporting. And maybe especially people who are fond of running and such... Allow me to present the E39 electronic shirt:

Ok, I must admit is does look like a shirt your average superhero would wear, which quite frankly is the first positive point to this shirt, its amazing looks :) So what besides the looks make this shirt worth the mentioning, well the name says it all... It's an electronical shirt, basically it registers every single thing a  sporter would want to know, and even more. 
Think of it as a heartrate meter, accelerometer, thermometer, and even G-force meter, in one, in a shirt... Yes this baby registers it all, and it stores all the data on a simple sd memory card, after which you can transfer the data manually by sd card or by using bluetooth, to send it to your smartphone or pc. After that you can load the data into your favorite software, now how cool is that...
Now the only downsides to this shirt is that it isn't available on the market yet, and that it is designed for professional sporters, so I think it might become quite an expensive gadget, if you will be able to get one that is... But I'm sure that if you do have the money, that it very well might become one of the best sporting investments you will ever have done...
The website of designer Under Armour can be found using this link.

The fact that they can make a shirt who reads all those things, without any special wires or things, is quite amazing if you ask me... So what's next... A build in mp3 service, or will they use these kind of shirts in gaming so that the games will be able to sense your stress and such... Who knows... Only the future can tell...

Extra: a video of the designers of Under Armour explaining what this shirt can do:

So that was it for todays post, hope you've enjoyed, and I'll see you later!


  1. that gadget seems revolutionary

  2. Wow that is awesome!! Under Armor makes a lot of useful clothing for athletes actually, but this one takes the cake. That's really innovative!

  3. That is a pretty awesome shirt.. and looking like a super is just a bonus heh.

  4. I'm sure it will be quite expensive when it comes out... but it sounds sweet.

  5. I feel your pain, brother. College requires a lot of time.

  6. That's actually pretty kickass. Must be more accurate than those crap watches people wear to measure heart rate etc.

    If it registered blood O2 saturation that would be even more awesome.

    Great post

    following :)

  7. That's pretty cool. Though I agree that the amazing superhero look is the best feature.

  8. Haha, this is the next big step in shirt technology since the LED mixamp shirt.

  9. Yeah I've seen people wear similar things when swimming, except it's shirtless but has a band that goes around your body and keeps the meter in place.

  10. Hehe, like telemetry for track and field, i like it :)

  11. if it will give me arms like that, sign me up :P

  12. It'sa pretty impressive gadget.