Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh no nintendo...

Hey people,
Today's post will be about one of the bigger events that is going on at the moment, yep, the E3...
Now, as you probably guessed from the title, I will be discussing nintendo.

What did the company do that is so worth menioning? Well they announced the new WII system... Meet... the Wii U...

Now, I can understand if some of you are a little confused by this image, and might as, well... Which one is the Wii U, is it the xbox like device on top, or is it the handheld on the bottom... Well the answer is very simple, the Wii U is both of them; Yes both... Since the device shown on the bottom is nothing less than the controller itself... (Or at least one of the controllers...)
But... but... It has a screen... and buttons, and analog sticks... Yes indeed, this controller has them all... Now you might wonder, what is the use for this extra screen, and honestly, I'm not sure myself either... This is what nintendo claims to be the use of a screen on your controller:
* You can switch views between tv and controller.
* You can draw on the controller
* You can use it to zoom in on your tvscreen and to browse the internet.
* You can use it to interact with the game environment using follow motions...
* You can use it to have video chats

So if I translate that to the widgets inside this controller: a 9,2" TOUCHscreen; 2 analog sticks, d-pad and 4 buttons; a speaker; a microphone; a camera; an accelerometer and finally a gyroscope...
And do remember that this is the controller... Now is it me or does that look a tad over the top?... I mean honestly, I do not get the use of a second screen... I mean, looking at your tv using your controller, that's just ridiculous, ok I must admit that things like inventory screens on the controller can be a little handy, but that still doesn't make any sense... To make it even crazier, it looks like you'll be needing your other controllers too, since they are all compatible... Overkill? To top every thing of, this really is a controller, and only a controller... So basically the console needs to be powered on the whole time in order for this thing to work, even if you can perfectly work using the controller only... As I said before, it just doesn't make any sense to me... I understand nintendo wants to revolutionize the gaming market, but I don't see a hit coming from this... So unless I see more proof of what this controller is capable of, I'm saying, nope...

For those of you who are interested, there is a trailer of this new wii. Watch it here:


  1. still undecided if i like it, but it does look pretty cool

  2. The biggest thing I can see from this is using the controller when I am on the toilet.

  3. interesting something new, but i dont really like it just like the old wii

  4. The controller looks like a tablet, but it's only a... controller.

  5. i wonder how much buying just the controller will be

  6. Ew, this looks horrific, do not want. In-depth post though, so followed.

  7. This looks really awesome! I wouldn't buy it just looks like there's too much going on.

  8. a bit bulky looking, but looks great

  9. looks cool and pretty expensive

  10. I lolled at that parrot haha.
    Looks cool, but will prolly cost some

  11. it will all depend on the games.

  12. I'm a gamer, not a fanboy, so I'll be buying this when the game I want is on it.

  13. your really great mmmm