Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs dies at age 56... RIP

My god... I knew this day would come but I didn't know it'd come so fast...
Yes, I am very saddened. Because Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind apple has died on 05/10/2011... This is awful news... I might not be a super mac fan, but this death is a great loss to modern society.
Steve Jobs had been fighting against different forms of cancer for many years and had also undergone a liver transplantation... The founding father of Apple, and of technology as we know it, is no more... Steve, Rest In Peace, we will all miss you!

Here is a video from abcnews which gives a summary of his life... Do watch it (It won't be embedded so I needed to give a link)


  1. sucks. Nothing from apple will ever top what this man has done.

  2. Very sad day. He has done great things in this lifetime.


  4. I see no point in offering condolences to the dead, but the man did some great things. It's a horrible event for a lot of people.