Friday, October 28, 2011

One person disney movie... Amazingly talented singer

Hey everyone!

You might have noticed in some of my previous posts, but I am a huge Disney fan! Not only because of the beautiful stories, but also by the amazing songs...

And well, today I found another video which touched my heart... It's truly mad, amazing, cool and epic...
It's about a guy who sings... Yes, he sings lots of disney songs... Still not that special, but he also kind of forms them into 1 story... I loved the way he connects all of the songs.

And his voice is another amazing thing... I mean it, this man really has talent. He does every voice by himself in a kind of acapella setup... Male, female, nice, evil, he does them all! I enjoyed this so much I couldn't do anything but share it with you =D

Enjoy! I know you will ^^

Do you want to hear more of this voice? Then I suggest checking out his youtube channel!

See you later!


  1. oh yeahi saw this a while ago and it amazed me , how many voices he can do and get them the right tones when the song requests it, i hope he gets a job at dubbing or something he is good!

  2. this was funny and awesome all at once lol. Great find!

  3. Quite interesting. Disney movies have some of the best moments on the history of movies.

  4. I am really amazed. Today I spent a lot of my spare time trying to find something interesting on this topic. Finally I found your site. Thanks for that!

  5. Owww who was hiding behind this voice!! Nice nice :)