Monday, October 17, 2011

Mouse belt buckle, ultimate geek fashion

Hello everyone

Today I feel like making a fashion/gadget post... I'm writing about the mouse belt buckle. What is it? Well, the concept is very simple and very geeky. You take an old school mouse, you remove the electronics from the inside. You mix it up with a belt, and bingo you've got yourself the geekiest belt around. Those 2 button mouses aren't completely your thing? Well then even for you there's a mouse buckle available, created from old apple mouses...

Is this something for you? Well than don't hesitate and take a look at Etsy, where you can get yours for about 15-20$...

See you later!


  1. Add a pocket protector and taped glasses and it's complete

  2. ahhh i have an old microsoft mouse, those with a ball inside.. XD i shoudl rig it and make me some geek belt :C

  3. I don't know if I could go out in public with this, but i could own one :)