Sunday, March 27, 2011

Play me!

These T-shirts are cool for 2 reasons,

1) they look absolutely amazing IMO, (especially the keyboard one <3)
2) They make music!

Yep, that's right, these T-shirts can be connected to a little amplifier, which can easily be hung onto your belt...
Now that's an original way for you and your friends to have a nice jamming session...

The shirts can be purchased at and come in guitar, drums and synthesizer...There are also lots of other interactive pieces of clothing, like wifi detecting caps, or noise displaying T-shirts...
For those of you who absolutely want one of these, everything can be found right here.

 Here's a video of some of the T-shirts being put to use...
Awesome ain't it?


  1. thinkgeek is my fav. online store. I actually have the guitar shirt!

  2. Seems pretty coo, but how easy is it to wash them?

  3. How does it work, is it capacitive touch or just a push switch button?

  4. ha, yea, wondering about the wash situation too. I'm betting "delicate" setting won't be enough...

  5. that's fantastic :o those shirts +followed

  6. How does this shirt work and can you like fold it up and stuff?

  7. wow, that would be great to wear at parties "check this out" *epic shirt solo*

  8. The technology is interesting but the designs and even the applications remind of shirts made for middle schoolers.