Sunday, March 27, 2011

My spider sense it tingling...

This is one spider nobody has to be scared of... Why? because it could very well become your best friend (well in terms of gadgets...) If you are wondering why, well that's easy, this little gadget doesn't only hold your portable devices, like ipod, GPS, and others, but it also allows you to place them really everywhere, because of its movable legs...
You want to attach it to your bike? fine, just bend and apply... Ever wished that you can use your ipod easily while in the car? Just transform the spider and place it on your dashboard... It's easy as hell and it looks cool too... Another positive thing about this spider, is that it only costs around 25$. It can be purchased at breffo internet shop.


  1. this is pretty awesome, i could use this on my bike rides, im sick of pulling my evo out of my pocket to change songs. good post.

  2. I wonder how well it hold up to being re-bent. I would think that they would get weak and break after a while.