Monday, April 23, 2012

Man sticks hand in beehive... Madness!

What's up people,

Today I watched a viral video where a man literally sticks his hand inside a pack of bees, without any protection... Yes, he holds hundreds of bees in his bare hands, no protection...
Just watch for yourself:

I was amazed about how this was possible and I have a theory of my own, that is is some kind of stray colony of bees. And since bees only attack when either the honey in danger, and because there isn't any honey in this situation, that it's safe... I'm not sure about this though... They might also have been sedated by some thing, it's all possible... If anyone has an idea about this, please share it, because I'm very curious about it...

Well, that will bee all for today, i look forward to reading the comments... See you next time!

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