Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Posting delay, rebirth is near...

January was one sad month for the blogger inside of me... Yes, a month full of exams isn't the best time to blog for me... As much as I wanted to, I'd have to make up the content really quick and hurried, and I just don't feel like presenting something that isn't fully worth it... That's why there's been a (long) silence. But fear not, as I just entered the last week of exams, you can expect new posts, gadgets, music, games and even more... There's even a little surprise about a side project of mine, but that's for the future...

All I can say now is: hold on a little more and don't forget to come back soon to find the content you've been waiting for!

Catch you later!

1 comment:

  1. its always a hassle to try to share our midn with the internets and have real life take it all away ºoº, but we always find the time, its nurturing and de stressing, well at least for me, take your time :D