Friday, December 2, 2011

World's craziest record holders

Hey all,

Today I came across a copy of the book of Guinness world records and I must say, there are quite a lot weird record holders out there... Nevertheless, they all have a record for an amazing feat, and I'm sure they are very proud of it... So let's get rolling, here they come:

Cathie Jung, with a waist of 38cm, she's officially the woman with the thinnest waist... She all achieved this by wearing corsets... Amazing or crazy?

Next is Stephen Taylor. This brittish lad has the biggest tongue in the world, with a piece of meat measuring 9,5 cm...
No this isn't wolverine's mother, this is Lee Redmond and as you can see she has the worlds longest nails... She hasn't clipped them since 1979 and the result is 8,65 metres of glory...

No, this man doesn't have a banana in his ear. He's got hair, and quite a lot of it too... With a length og 25 cm Radhakant Baijpai has the longest ear hairs in the world!

This is Svetlana Pankratova, and even though she might not be the tallest woman in the world  (which is De-Fen Yao) She still has the longest female legs; with a length of 1,32 metres and a shoe size of 46 she easily beats even most men.
In contrast to Svetlana, you can see He Pingping, who is the smallest man on the world (who is capable of walking). I'm afraid he won't be allowed on many theme park rides with his 73 cm length...

The complete contrast to pingping is the worlds largest man, the Ukraïnian Leonid Stadnyk. A humongous 2,57 metres makes him a real giant.

We've seen the longest ear hair, well this is the longest normal scalp hair. It belongs to Xie Qiuping and hasn't been cut for the last 47 years... Her hair is actually longer than she is with an amazing 5,6 metres in total
You might have seen this spectacular picture... These eyes belong to Kim Goodman, and as you can see she can pop her eyes out of their sockets... How far? Well, 12 mm...

And last but not least, the longest female beard. This beauty listens to the name Vivian Wheeler and is very proud of her facial hair. The beard itself measures 28 cm, which is even impressive for some men among us!

So, that's them... 10 people who have an amazing body, and aren't afraid to show it to the world... They might be called freaks or weird by some but they carry their title of record holder with pride...

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  1. first last and longest nails are really crazy.. wtf ^^

  2. I've always wanted to hold a world record, but I think I won't be competing in any of these categories...

  3. Amaizing records! Interesting things to know! Great post

  4. The woman with the smallest waist's stomach, intestines, and other organs have to be really squished and out of place..I'd love to see her CAT scan!

  5. holy crap man, this is just unbelievable

  6. now if only any of these world records would be usefull.. LOL they all look like hinderances or growth anormalities, i know the ukranian guy has a growth hormone gland trouble and was supposedly gona get surgery 1-2 years ago and no he doesnt live near chernovyl lol

  7. LOL, I love these posts with the guinness world record holders.