Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skyrim released, goodbye social life

Hello everyone!

If you're even a little bit into rpg games you will know the elder scroll series. If that doesn't ring a bell, try oblivion, which was the latest title of the series a little while ago... But not anymore!
Yes, a new game in the elder scroll series has arrived, and I have waited so long for it: Skyrim is it's name...
Yes people, skyrim was released yesterday and I got myself a midnight launch edition! This is super because I happen to have 5 school-free days, which I can now spend with this beauty!

If you are just as exited about this game as I am, but you can't get it yet; or those who don't know a lot about it, I'm afraid that I won't be able to help you with that; but what I can do is sharing a review about it, that sums up the game pretty good, and gives a little bit of that elder scroll magic feeling...

Enjoy, I'm sure you will!


  1. Are you kidding me?

    Skyrim is a MAJOR talking point amongst my friends.

    Who cares If I am spending all my time playing it, at least I have something to talk about to my mates.

    And yes ooking forward to the review. Not that it's necessary, EVERYBODY knows how awesome it is.

    Hell you can even go round clubbing baby seals XD

  2. I hope to get my own copy of Skyrim, as I have never played Elder Scrolls before. Looks awesome though!

  3. No time to leave a thoughtful, witty comment... Playing Skyrim...

  4. OH god i have been palyign this nonstop my productivity hit a new low! XD i love it its so complete its so captivating :D!!

    ORC berserker ftw XD

  5. I hear ya xD spent weeks on Skyrim so far